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Edu License

Obtain the Educational License to unlock the power of p5play in your classroom!


Interactive Textbook

The Learn p5play interactive textbook makes Object Oriented Programming concepts tangible, so students can learn by doing!

It's packed with reference documentation and code examples that students can experiment with right in their web browser. Works great on iPads and Chromebooks.

Use in class and coursework requires the Edu License.

game design

GDF Curriculum

p5play Game Design Fundamentals is a curriculum for CS educators!

Even if you're not a "gamer", you can still competently teach game design. Use the GDF slides and activities verbatim or as inspiration for your own lesson material.

Exclusively for Edu Licensees.


Closed Source Use

Use p5play in your own lesson materials, without needing to open source them under the AGPL.

Exclusively for Edu Licensees.


Custom Invoice

Our pricing is fair and affordable, starting at just $5 USD per student per semester.

Equitable access is important to us. We offer discounts for schools in low-income areas. If you want to use p5play, we will work with you to make it happen!

Contact us to receive a custom invoice for your school or organization.