p5.play is a 2D game engine made by Computer Science teachers to help you turn your game ideas into JavaScript code!

It uses p5.js for graphics rendering. We share the Processing Foundation's goal of make coding more accessible for artists, designers, educators, and beginners. Behind the scenes p5.play v3 uses planck (Box2D), a physics simulator that's been used in popular 2D games like Angry Birds and Tiny Wings.

Ready to learn how to use p5.play to prototype, develop, and publish your own games? Read the p5.play Learn pages.

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Ask questions and meet other people making interactive art and games with p5.play on our community Discord server.

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Free forever

p5.play is open source licensed under the GPL v3: it's free! But if you use it on your own site please consider donating to support the project.

Local Development

You can also install the p5.play npm package for offline development on your own computer.

npm i p5.play

Need help getting started with local development? Check out this full guide.

Currently led by Quinton Ashley | quintos.org | info@p5play.org
Initiated by Paolo Pedercini | molleindustria.org | info@molleindustria.it
Huge thanks to Bradley C. Buchanan, Chayarat Wangweera, Zhiyuan Guo, Aarnav Gupta, Richard Chen, and Carter Noa!