p5play is a JavaScript game engine that uses p5.js for rendering and Box2D for physics.

Looking to turn your ideas into online games or interactive art? Check out p5play! It was designed by Computer Science teachers to be intuitive for beginners, making it popular at schools and universities around the world. But, p5play v3 isn't just for classroom use. It's a powerful tool built on planck.js, a port of Box2D - the same physics simulator used by industry leaders in beloved games like Tiny Wings and Angry Birds.

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p5play is open source licensed under the GPL: it's free!

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Local Development

Use p5play on your own website by adding these links to your HTML file. School firewall blocking p5play.org? See the FAQs

p5play is also available on npm: npm i p5.play

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Creator of p5play : Quinton Ashley | @quinton-ashley | info@p5play.org
Creator of p5.play v1 : Paolo Pedercini | molleindustria.org | info@molleindustria.it
Current Contributors: Oliver Zell, Caleb Foss, and Bobby S.
Huge thanks to my student testers: Chayarat Wangweera, Zhiyuan Guo, Aarnav Gupta, and Carter Noa!