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Free Use

Free use of p5play must comply with the terms of the AGPL. In summary, any work that incorporates p5play must be made publicly open source.

Therefore, typical use by schools and commercial game developers requires PRO membership.


Become a PRO member by supporting p5play on Patreon or GitHub Sponsors.

Educators, if your school or university would prefer a custom invoice instead of a subscription, let me know how many students will use p5play and the duration of use. Contact:

PRO membership unlocks exclusive features and content:

  • the p5play Professional License which enables commercial and closed source use
  • non-personal use of the Learn pages
  • iOS app templates
  • "Game Design Fundamentals" curriculum

The monthly cost for schools is fair and affordable: starting at just ~25ยข per student.

iOS App Templates

Ready to earn real money with p5play?

PRO members can use templates to build iOS apps without coding in Swift. Sell games on Apple's App Store or earn revenue from advertisements with p5play's iOS app templates!


"p5play Game Design Fundamentals" is a curriculum for CS educators made by Quinton Ashley, the creator of p5play v3!

PRO members receive access to a Google Drive folder containing slide and activities. Use them in your lessons or take inspiration for your own curriculum.


Novice License

If you can't afford to pay for the PRO membership, you can apply to obtain the p5play Novice License. By applying, you affirm that you are a low-income applicant as defined in the license. Contact: