p5play Game Jam! 🔥

The p5play Game Jam is a competition held bi-annually to see who can make the best game using p5play!

You can work individually or in a team. Share your game in the #share channel on Discord to receive feedback before the competition ends. Submit your game using the google form linked below.

Games must use the latest version of p5play and be submitted before December 20th 2024.

🎉 Submit your game! 🎉

Gun Gaem image

🥇 Summer 2024 : @coding398

"Gun Gaem", by Lachlan Noble (age 15), is an online multiplayer top-down shooter. Each life you get some random things to fight with... or die trying! You could get a normal gun, but are just as likely to get bowling balls, ninja stars, or even a DJ deck?!

There's also a wide variety of maps and game modes to try out. Go head to head in a free for all, capture the flag, or team up with friends for a boss fight with Vectah.

This game won because of its zany, fast paced, and chaotic gameplay. The game's code makes great use of raycasting for hit detection and has impressive bot AI. Yet most notably, it's the first game to ever use p5play server side for online multiplayer!

Skull Knight image

🥇 Winter 2023 : @pannawit0

"Skull Knight", by Pannawit (age 17), is a survival game. You play as a knight with a floating skull companion in a castle filled with dangerous traps and monsters.

This game won because of its atmospheric design and challenging gameplay. Check out the game's code to see how Pannawit used p5play's movement and rotation functions to create enemy AI and text animations.

Into the Mines image

🥇 Summer 2023 : @Tezumies

"Into the Mines" is an open world platformer game. You play as a bearded miner who can climb walls and use a magic grappling axe!

This game won because of its incredible pixel art, level design, and fluid player controls. Take a look at the game's code to see how Tezumie used p5play's contro interface for game controller input.

Puzzling Magnetism Recharged title screen image

🥇 Winter 2022 : @kevin98799

In "Puzzling Magnetism Recharged" you play as two characters with opposite magnetic charges that can push or pull boxes respective to their magnetism.

This game won because of it's unique gameplay and progressively challenging level design. Check out game's code to see how Kevin made great use of p5play's Tiles constructor.