Solidarity with students! 🇵🇸

We stand in solidarity with students demanding that their universities' divest from Israel's genocide of Palestinians.

Educators, regardless of their own political views, should be at the forefront of protecting student's rights to protest and freedom of speech. It's extremely disturbing to instead see administrators suspending, expelling, and deploying police violence on their own students.

Anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism. Jewish Voice for Peace and many other Jewish organizations stand against the colonial occupation of Palestine by Israel.

Over 13,000 children have been murdered by Israel according to UNICEF.

NYU refuses to divest 💸

p5.js is a project led by USC professor, Qianqian Ye of The Processing Foundation, which is primarily funded and staffed by employees of NYU.

NYU spokesperson John Beckman said the university is not considering divestment because it is trying to maximize returns on its endowment.

NYU, my alma mater, clearly values profit over human rights. The Processing Foundation, which has a history of being outspoken on social issues, has been notably silent and complicit.

Ban 🚫

Effective immediately, NYU, USC, and other universities that refuse to divest from Israel and the US military industrial complex are banned from using p5play commercially.

I urge professors to take a stand and support their students!

Donating aid to Palestine is not enough, we must do anything in our power to dismantle the systems that finance crimes against humanity. Demand a ceasefire and end US support for genocide.

q5.js 🎨

q5.js must become a viable alternative to p5.js for students and educators, but I need help!

  • writing reference pages for
  • implementing an addon that'll make q5 functions throw friendly errors

q5 is licensed under the LGPL, the same open source license as p5.js. If you're interested in collaborating with me, please reach out on GitHub or via email: