p5play (v3) was created by Quinton Ashley.

It's the successor to p5.play (v1), which was created by Paolo Pedercini and other collaborators including Brad Buchanan, Atul Varma, and Jared Sprague. p5play v3 uses portions of the original APIs but the underlying code was completely rewritten.

Why did I make v3? I wanted to take advantage of new JavaScript features added during the 7 years since p5.play v1 was created. v3 also uses a JavaScript port of Box2D called planck.js behind the scenes to simulate physics, allowing for ~3x the amount of sprites on screen compared to v2! A ton of new features were added to version 3 so users could develop more interesting and complex games. Yet, it's just as easy, or even easier, to use v3 to make simple projects. If you want more info, read the "p5play Version 3" wiki article.

If you'd like to read more about how p5play was made check out my developer log.

If you'd like to see some demos of games and art made with p5play, check out my OpenProcessing page: @quinton-ashley

By using p5play you agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA).