What is p5play?

p5play is an accessible and powerful platform for creating games and art with code.

It was designed to inspire people to learn Computer Science and enable professional game development.

Why use p5play?

p5play.org's learn pages are a free resource that contain extensive documentation and examples!

p5play is easy to learn but not over-simplified. It rewards developers with depth and flexibility.

By cutting boilerplate code down to an absolute minimum, p5play lets you focus on what's important: game design!

Is p5play open source?

p5play v3 is open source licensed under the GPL v3 because I believe everyone should be able to learn to code and make games for free!

Can I see some demos?

Check out Quinton's OpenProcessing profile and also take a look at the #share channel on p5play's community Discord to see what other people are making with p5play.

Can I use p5play commercially?

p5play was created to make commercial game development more affordable for independent developers. That's why p5play only charges a flat subscription fee for commercial use. No user install fees!

Become a p5play Patreon member to gain a closed source commercial publishing exception to p5play's GPL v3 license. See LICENSING.md for more info.

Also, by using p5play you agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Who is Quinton Ashley?

Hi I'm Quinton, the creator of p5play (v3) and p5play.org. I'm a Computer Science teacher, tutor, and mentor at Crimson Education. I teach AP CS Principles, AP CS A, IGSCE CS, and Game Design Principles.

Special Thanks

I want to start by thanking my parents for their support and for enrolling me in coding classes when I was a kid!

Big thanks to Paolo Pedercini for creating p5.play (v1) and trusting me to take over the project! Also thank you Erin Catto, creator of Box2D, for creating such an incredible physics engine and thanks to Ali Shakiba, creator of planck.js, a JavaScript port of Box2D.

I also want to thank my wife, Victoria, and daughter, Luna, for their support and encouragement.💞

In addition, I appreciate the Colombian government 🇨🇴 of Gustavo Petro for giving extended visas to digital nomads, making it easy for remote workers like me to live and work here in Bogotá, Colombia. If I still lived in US, p5play probably wouldn't exist. I couldn't afford to spend countless hours on a passion project like this one.

If you want more info about why I made p5play (v3), read the "p5play Version 3" wiki article and my developer log!